The Boss Whispering Institute


You are suffering. You are suffering because you are being treated badly by a boss, or perhaps a colleague. You probably came to this site after searching elsewhere for advice on how to deal with an abrasive boss or peer, and chances are you learned of a variety of strategies, ranging from "Stand up to your boss and tell him/her that you're not going to stand for it anymore” (a fight strategy) to "Get out of there as soon as you can" (a flight strategy). You've probably seen a lot of books along the lines of "How to Survive a Bully Boss," written with the understanding that it is somehow your job to endure the pain, and/or solve the problem of abrasive leadership.

We hold a very different view at the Boss Whispering Institute. We don't believe it's your job to rein in an abrasive leader or colleague – we believe it is the employer’s responsibility to provide an environment free of workplace bullying. [READ MORE]